Josephine County 3 Gun Club

Here is info on UML membership and obtaining points in the league :

Here are the details for individual members to join United Multigun League and what can be expected from it-
Annual membership is $40
Can be purchased at:
Details at:
What it does-
Every match you shoot at a UML member club gains you points, which are used for rankings towards level 2 (sectional and state matches) and level 3 (national and championship matches). Points can be gained by order of finish in your equipment division, by setting up/ tearing down matches (these are FREE points at our club since everyone helps!) RO'ing, match directing or co-match directing (IE designing stages).
This means that you can get a slot to major matches even if you don't place at the top of your division, just by participating and helping the club. This is especially huge for some of the more popular events like Surefire World Multigun Championship, Expedition Multigun, UML world championships, etc that often sell out quickly, as you can get entry into sold-out events by participation in our local club. They also have a classifier system similar to the one used in the past by 3 Gun Nation, but the stages are more like the ones we shot this weekend. You can secure a spot at major shoots by placing well in the classifier system as well. UML is based out of Las Vegas, so they are more involved on the West Coast than 3GN was. Additionally, the membership includes UPL (United Pistol League), URL (United Rifle League), and USL (United Steel League), so you can shoot events for any of these.
THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!! You do NOT have to join to shoot local matches! This is only for shooters who wish to increase their opportunity to attend major matches, or to submit classifiers to see how they stack up against other shooters nationally with more complex fun courses than the simple 3GN classifier stages. Everyone is welcome to participate at all of our club matches whether they join UML or not.

Good shooting, and see you all at the range!
Tom Hart
Vice President, JoCo3Gun