Josephine County 3 Gun Club

​Are you a new shooter? If so, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Where:  7407 Highland Avenue, Grants Pass, OR

When:  Practice every 2nd Saturday of each month from 9 am - 1 pm     ​             Matches are typically the 3rd Saturday of each month  (see match                                  dates on Home page)


What do I need to bring:  

             * Eye & ear protection are required. 

              * Chamber flags are required for all long guns.

                    ​* Shotgun, rifle and handgun along with ample ammo for each


​When do I take out my gun:

                 The first thing you do is sign in with the club before you                       remove any guns from your vehicle.

                 Safety starts with getting your guns to the range and carrying them                         around with you at the match.  They should always be unloaded until                     you are told otherwise by a Range Officer (RO).  That means no rounds                   in any chambers, no magazines in guns, and no shells in shotgun                             tubes.

                 If not in a case, 3-Gun pistols must be holstered and your 3-Gun rifles                     and 3-Gun shotguns must be carried muzzle up unless they are in a                       cart.  All long guns must have a chamber flag.

When can I handle my gun on the range:

                 Remember - SAFETY is our first priority.

                 We are a COLD RANGE -
which means no ammo in any guns!  Guns                     are allowed to be handled at a designated SAFETY TABLE ONLY and                     no ammo is allowed on the safety table OR in your bag on the safety                       table.